What is plain English?

Plain English is a style of communication that uses easy to understand, plain language with an emphasis on clarity, brevity and avoidance of overly complex vocabulary. The goal is to write or speak in a way that is easily understood. It is clear and straightforward, concise, free of clichés, acronyms and technical jargon.

The benefits of using plain English include:

• a reduction in writing time

• shorter documents

• increased comprehension

• increased reader satisfaction.




"Truth is ever to be found
in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion
of things"—Isaac Newton

Writing, editing & PRODUCTION

Annual reports

Governance documents

Marketing material

Websites and social media




Marketing strategy and analysis

Advertising campaigns

Brand audits

Social media strategy

Website management

Public relations



We work with organisations looking to outsource their communications and marketing activities. It's time consuming work which requires intelligence, experience and agility.

We have clients in:

• banking and finance

• retail property management

• health and aged care

• government

• tourism

• agriculture and primary production.



Communications Director

Alex has spent 26 years as a communications professional. She has worked as a journalist, publisher, marketing manager and as a graphic designer.

She creates written content for print and digital applications. As a consummate professional with an empathy for her clients’ goals, Alex helps her clients engage and inspire their audiences.

She has extensive experience publishing annual reports and financial documents for corporate clients­—as well as technical reports for the scientific community.

Alex manages marketing activities and social media for a number of corporate clients.

She is a director of two companies and sits on a number of boards and committees.